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 M.O.R.E. (Medical Office Reimbursement Experts) is a privately held company located in Los Angeles, California that has been providing billing and management solutions to a variety of medical providers for over twenty years. Dedicated to staying on the leading edge of compliance issues and coding regulations, M.O.R.E. uses the latest technology to maximize provider income and speed the reimbursement process. Our expertly trained staff has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in their daily billing requirements and medical office consulting needs.

Some of the many quality services M.O.R.E. provides to its clients:

  •   Auditing accounts receivable

  •   Patient billing,  insurance billing and follow-up

  •   Collections

  •   Accounts payable

  •   New office set-up procedures

  •   Contract management

  •   Training and supervising office staff

  •   Developing and instituting office policies

  •   Computerizing office functions and implementing software changes

  •   Making sure our clients collect M.O.R.E. than they ever have before!  


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